Monday, August 23, 2010

A Small Rant About Color

I know this is really no big deal, but it intrudes into my creative world, time and time again. Do you identify red and green as exclusively Christmas colors? And what about black and orange, are they delegated to Halloween? You are not unusual if you said yes to both of those questions.

The other day I sorted out a few of my jewelry pieces to take apart or remake into something other than it's existing form. Hey, I'll never say that everything that I make is a stellar success. When a piece has hung around for a while I either take it apart for it's parts or remake it into what I hope will be a treasure for some fine lady. In my sorting, there was one piece that I really liked when I made it and still know it's quite nice, but for it's colors. It is a pale translucent green and true red. Ladies have tried it on, many have been drawn to it, but it just hasn't sold. There are those that have come right out and said, "Oh, Christmas." At a point it's not too hard to figure out what people are thinking. To me it isn't Christmas at all, but a great summer necklace.

I've had to acknowledge that the great marketeers that have gone with red and green for our traditional Christmas colors have won. Actually, there is a long history about why red and green have become the colors of Christmas and if you are interested, here is one link. That combination, no matter the shade variation that you try, is just going to mean Christmas to a majority of the Christian population. Orange and black for Halloween falls in this marketing victory as well as a combination of pastels that brings out the comparison to Easter. This all comes down to my not liking to live within limitations when it comes to color usage. It's not a big problem, just a small aggravation that won't go away in my life time. Color rocks!