Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jewelry Roll Up

Roll Up Jewelry Storage You Can Easily Make.
When I started making jewelry, I wondered how best to carry my jewelry to shows, boutiques, galleries and when traveling by air. I shopped around. I looked around. I asked other jewelry makers. I tried many suggestions and dreamed up a couple of solutions of my own. Today, I thought I would share the most recent form this quarry has taken. I hope you will benefit from what I have found to be a very easy and workable solution, an easy to make jewelry roll up.

Free Roll Up Pattern
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You don't have to be an expert seamstress at all. In fact, all you need is a sewing machine or access to a sewing machine, little sewing experience, the fabric necessary, and a pair of scissors. What you will need:
  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Scissors
  • Pinking Sheers
  • Sewing Pins
  • Felt - 12 X 57 inches
  • ½ inch Grosgrain Ribbon - 15 inches
  • Loop Side Velcro - 6 inches
  • Color Coordinated Thread
1. Buy the fabric and thread. I've used felt and choose a dark color so the Roll Up wouldn't look soiled too quickly. In the previous version of the roll up I used felt and had stitched both the hook and loop side of velcro into place. After using the previous version for a while, I found that I only need the hook side of velcro. The hook side of velcro is the rough side and has tiny hooks. The hook side of the velcro will attach itself directly to felt fabric when rolled up. This eliminates a step for you.
2. Cut out the pieces. The last time I made Roll Ups, I went into production and cut out four. If you want a hard copy of the pattern, I have a free pattern in PDF form available for you by e-mailing me at Basically the bottom is 12 X 19 inches, long sides are 5.5 X 10 inches, and the short ends are 12 X 9 inches. On all of the side pieces cut one side a half inch narrower so that they will tuck in nicely when you roll everything up. You will need one bottom, two long sides, and two end sides.
3. Cut Two 1/2 inch ribbon lengths of  7.5 inches with Pinking Shears. By cutting with Pinking Shears you will not need to finish the ends. I have found grosgrain ribbon will stand up to the wear the best. I hope for my current set of Roll Ups to last a while, so the length of wear is important. Grosgrain ribbon is the ribbed ribbon, with regular ribs going across side to side.
4. Cut Two 3 inch lengths of looped velcro.
5. Zigzag the the velro to one the end of the two Grosgrain Ribbons, by stitching around all four sides of the velcro and then one diagonal pass between two opposite corners. Pin the velcro to the ribbon in
two or three places so they will not slip as you are sewing. Here you get to see my vintage sewing machine. I love this machine, I hope it never dies.
6. Start on one end of the bottom. Divide the end length into thirds and position the ribbon with the velcro ends in the two one third spots. Pin the ribbons to the felt end with the ribbon ends heading away from the bottom with the velcro side up. Over the top of where the ribbons are pinned, pin one of the short end sides to the bottom end and evenly match up the sides. Using a zigzag stitch, stitch right next to the edge all of the way across that end.
7. Stitch the other end to the bottom. Pin first and zigzag all of the way across.
8. Prepare to pin the long sides on by tucking the side of the end pieces away from the long side. This will keep you from inadvertently sewing the side of the end into the long side stitching. Pin the long side flap to the bottom and zigzag all of the way across. Repeat step #8 to attach the other long side.
     It's finish just that quickly. Now you can lay your precious creations in their carrier, fold first the short ends and then the long ends, and roll the end up heading toward where the velcro ribbons are attached. Once rolled up, bring the ribbons smoothly around and attach the velcro to the felt where they meet. These roll ups easily tuck into a carry bag, luggage, or into a safe at your hotel. I have found them to be convenient, my jewelry stays untarnish, and everything stays orderly. The Roll Ups make it easy to keep the jewelry organized by necklaces and bracelets.
     I hope you find these Roll Ups to be as useful as I have.