Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hi, thought I would show off some recent work and tell you about each piece, what inspired me, where it is, and plans for it. First there is "Ah Gosh".

The name comes from all of the blush colors. The original inspiration was the Unicorn glass square focal bead. You need to know that I love Unicorn glass. The colors are magical and they have a way of sneaking into my work regularly. Then I had been thinking about working a Czech dagger beaded bead around that focal and worked at it until it worked. I then worked with color an shape. There needed to be a repeat of the square so I worked two right angle weave beaded beads to satisfy that shape. As I was digging around in the bead stash I found the blush/mauve/rose figure daggers and they were a must and add a great punch and balance to the central daggers. And finally I wire wrapped Chinese crystals around the back to create movement and sparkle. It was a grand adventure to make this necklace.

"Teals the Deal", is all about teal. As far as I'm concerned teal is the best color ever. When I found the petal shaped teal beads something had to happen with them. The focal is a sterling silver disc that I drilled holes in and then created a wire frame of petals. Once the wire petals were established I wire wrapped seed beads to the wire frame, creating color and shape. I finished the bracelet off with a hand fabricated toggle that was first roll pressed with a petal image, cut and shaped. I guess I have a very floral statement going here and, of coarse, there is teal. It is now at the Main Street Gallery in Edwardsville, IL. Stop by and say hello.

This is "Mad Lilly". She started out from the yellow dagger beads. This necklace turned out to speak SUMMER in big capital letters. There is a slight hint of hot pink around the edges of the spots on the yellow dagger beads, like oil on water would look. Because of the hint of pink, it became the third color in this color triad. This necklace is all about fun, sun shine, and girlie, girl wearing. I'm sorry it will be put away now for the winter, but you might find me wearing it on a gray winter day just for the heck of it. As it turns out I won't be wearing this necklace ever again. It got sold to a lovely lady at Bead Art. I feel so good that it is going to a good home where it will be worn frequently and loved. Thank you.

All three pieces have been used to apply for shows, proposed for inclusion in a book, and will be displayed in my booth for shows this fall. As you can see, I've been have tooooo much fun with design this summer.