Friday, October 30, 2015

Pendant/Brooch Solution for Petals, Petals, Petals

Straw, navy, and red Petals Pendant on satin cord.The Petals Petals Petals pendant/brooch was created last spring.  It started out as a pendant. Then I thought, oh, this would make an awesome brooch. Well it has been a bit of a journey to get the pendant/ brooch aspect really working.

Pin back that didn't work.First I purchased a pin back that is commonly available. I wasn’t thrilled with its design. It could
work, so I tried it out. This pin back was way too thick. I tried to flatten it out as much as I could with pliers, but the pin wouldn’t hold as a result of this alteration. When I wore the pendant for its first test drive (first wearing), the depth of the pin back caused the pendant to tip with the top of the pendant protruding out. Not a look I was after. It looked like drooping dying petal brooch.

Several Petals, petals, petals pendant/brooches.
I made another Petals, Petals, Petals and still thought that this piece would be ideal as a pendant on a long chain or cord or pinned on the lapel of a favorite blazer. I couldn’t get it completely out of my mind and gradually I started figuring out what I needed to design so that the pendant or brooch would rest nicely against the body. A low profile was essential.

Parts illustrated.I started creating the various parts for the pin back. I would need a base plate for the top, which I punched three holes into. The holes would accommodate sewing the base onto the finished Pendant/Brooch. To this base I soldered a spiral of wire that I interrupted in the center with a portion of the wire reaching up to create a bail and then returning to continue making the spiral. Through the center of the spiral the actual pin back would run and bend down on each side. For the bottom portion of the pin back I created a length of metal, punched three holes evenly, rounded the ends, and rolled the ends over.

Brooch pin back parts.Brooch pin back parts.I am so pleased with the result. When stitched in place with nylon filament, the result allows the pendant to ride close to the body or pin snugly to a jacket or sweater. No tipping over. The bail portion leans away from the body in-between two of the petals. When worn as a brooch the bail is hidden by a petal. When worn as a pendant the pin back rides out of sight. I am so grateful that I have the metalsmithing skills to create a solution like this. For those of you with similar skills, you may find this to be a great solution for your next beaded project.

Finish KBS Designed pin back.

Petals, Petals, Petals brooch/pendant with solution pin back and old pin back. If you are interested in making the Pendant/Brooch "Petals, Petals, Petals" I have posted the PDF in my 1 Bead Weaver Etsy Shop.