Saturday, March 16, 2013

Metal and Beads a Marriage

Lolli Pop, Metal disc with wire
wrapped beads, and handmade toggle.
I have been having a love affair with beads for about fifteen years. I’m not alone.  Because I teach jewelry making techniques, I am around other beaders on a regular basis. It is not unusual for one of my students to launch into how much they love beads, all sizes, all colors, all shapes. Of course, I join in.

Now I know not everyone will agree with me, but I want to have a hand in all of the elements of the jewelry I make. I make beaded beads a lot, or include fine bead weaving or wire wrap beads into place in my designs. It’s whatever works ,with the inspiration for that design. The next step for me is to make all of the metal parts in my jewelry designs.  As one looks around at jewelry, there is all metal jewelry, and with its many techniques, or there is jewelry made only of beads with commercial metal connectors and elements. So mixing it together seems to confuse many. 

I want to champion doing it all. I love to bead, but I also love working with metal. The inclusion of handmade metal elements can only up the originality of the finished jewelry pieces. Real thought goes into how the connections are made, and the metal focal is truly original. That center piece will not be found or duplicated in any other piece of jewelry in the world. I’m going for “One-of-a-Kind” with all of my jewelry, and I think I am succeeding in this goal. Within being original, I want all of the elements to be made by me, whether it be the metal work, bead weaving, or wire connections.

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