Friday, March 22, 2013

Preparation for 2013 Bead and Button Show

Gingko in Motion
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There is a steady push, in Kathryn Bowman Studio these days, to put together class kits for classes I will be teaching at the 2013 Bead & Button Show. I’ve been doing a little work every day or every other day, as time permits. This is in the hope of getting everything put together, without a crazy push before heading for Milwaukee in June. Many years I teach some metalsmithing and some beading classes, but this year I am teaching four metalsmithing classes. This is keeping the preparation much more focused. I’ve been cutting all of the metal into the right sizes for each class project and actually making some of the parts.

Three Metal Articulated Bracelet
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In a one day class the student will be learning a lot. They will be etching pattern into metal, and learning to saw, file and pierce the metal. Once all of the shapes for the project are made they will assemble the parts into a bracelet or necklace. All of this in a day!  Some of the students will know some of these skills, and some will be a total novice and trying out metalsmithing for the first time. No matter what, they are there to learn. Throughout our time together I have to keep things moving. I try very hard to keep the student unaware of the push.The student is so rewarded, when they walk out of class wearing what they made that day.
In an effort to keep the stress level low and time crunch none existent,  I’m doing a little cheating. Each student will do every technique and practice every skill during class. In preparing for class day, I am making a few of the parts for them.  I hate being the slave driver toward the end of the day, and having a little bit of the work done, eliminates the end of day nerves. Students have learned, had fun while doing so, and will hopefully go on to do a lot of metalsmithing in their future.

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