Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Toggles, Toggles, Toggles

Toggle designs ready to be etched.
Bracelets and necklaces need a connection, so we can wear them, and take them on and off. I believe that connection should be an organic part of your design. While a toggle is a practical need, I say have fun with it. I have made my own toggles for several years. In the beginning, it was my goal to have a handmade toggle on every bracelet I made. I met that goal quite some time ago, and now I want to share my toggles with you. In reality I have been sharing these toggles in my kits for about three years. I feel, that handmade toggle, adds to the uniqueness of my jewelry making kits. I have a few toggles on my web site and in my 1 Bead Weaver Etsy Shop. This year I am making it a focus to expand what I am offering.
Toggles after etching, cut out, and some domed.
It all starts with etching design into metal. There are graphic designs, bubbles, and, of course, floral designs. Got to have flowers. I am introducing four new designs, you will be excited about. There is one over sized toggle for that statement bracelet you got in mind. There are two flower toggles, and one that is a fan of leaves. It’s been fun to create the new designs. There are a few more in my sketch book, that will, hopefully, get into production later this year.  Right now I am making the toggles in copper, brass, and nickel silver.

I’ll have these toggles at Bead Blast in Kansas City the first weekend of May and, of course, at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee the first week of June. I really want to be out among my clientele, before I decide how many of these I will make in Sterling Silver. If there is enough interest that may be in the future as well. All are in production right now and will be online as soon as I can get the done. Until next time, happy jewelry making . . .

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